Corporate/Industrial Catering

Seize the opportunity!

  • Recent consumer insight suggests that 3 out of 4 adults now regularly eat breakfast away from home*:
    • At work
    • Whilst travelling
    • On the go
  • This presents a great revenue opportunity for caterers - you - to capitalise upon!

Make the most of breakfast

  • Nutritionists agree that breakfast is an important meal of the day for everyone
  • Cereals can offer your customers an easy way to fuel their day
  • Out of home, it's essential that your customers are able to purchase brands they know and trust
  • Available in a format to suit all manner of out of home breakfast needs. We offer a diverse range of packaging formats including Bowls, Portion-Pack, Kater Paks and Retail Packs

Not just for breakfast

  • Kellogg’s cereals and snack bars provide all day eating opportunities for children, adults and anyone looking for a fast tasty light meal or snack
  • Portion Packs allow you to make cereal available all day for those snacking or 'in between' meal occasions

*Source: Kellogg Europe Food Away From Home Research 2009